Portuguese Meal and Social Evening (Sunday 10th June)

34 guests attended our evening to celebrate both our friendships with Portugal and it's amazing culture. 

The itinerary for the evening followed the previous events:

1. Welcome address.

2. Main Course with three options, Portuguese feijoada trasmontana (white bean stew with ham hock) or Arroz de Marisco (seafood rice) or a vegetarian option.

3. Dessert of either  Pastels de nata (custard tarts) or Pao de Lo (Portuguese sponge cake) with custard or ice cream.

4. A toast to the people of Portugal using the Portuguese national drink (Port or a non-alcoholic option of red wine).

We also displayed some prints of Portuguese artworks (see below) and before the toast  Lowri Lewis read out a poem, ‘ Love is a Fire That Burns Unseen (1598) by Portuguese poet Luís de Camões. Incidentally, 10 June is not only Portugal’s National Day, it is also officially a day to celebrate Portugal’s most famous poet.

Following the
toast Frederico Rocha, fom Lisbon, gave an excellent speech giving an insight into our cultural links, both current and historic.

Also the fantastic Portuguese bakery, Nata and Co, generously donated the pastels de nata so a huge thanks to them too!

Part of the evening’s purpose was to experience Portugal as best we could from 900 miles! So whilst people enjoyed the meal an overhead projector was used to display photos of landscapes, cityscapes and seascapes. And to get a flavour of Portuguese art three artworks were found on the internet which are shown below. We again made A2 copies to put on the wall for people to also enjoy during the meal:

Photos from the evening:

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