French Meal and Social Evening (Sunday 15th July)

22 guests attended our evening to celebrate both our friendships with France and it's fabulous culture. 

The itinerary for the evening followed the previous events:

1. Welcome address by Helen Wales, Chair of Cardiff For Europe.

2. Main Course with four options, beef bourguignon, or coq au vin or chicken chasseur with a vegetarian option.

3. Dessert of either cherry gateau basque or flaugnarde (type of fruit pancake) or French conversation tart with custard or ice cream.

4. A toast to the people of France using the French national drink of champagne (or a non-alcoholic option).

Following the toast we were honoured to have French Senator Mr Olivier Cadic, from the upper house of the French Parliament, gave a terrific talk on the Brexit problem, giving us all hope for the future. Many thanks to Mme Marie Brousseau-Navarro, the Honorary Consul for France in Wales for organizing his visit

Part of the evening’s purpose was to try to get a flavour of France not just through food so whilst people enjoyed the meal an overhead projector was used to display photos of landscapes, cityscapes and seascapes also we had French folk music play in the back ground. And to get a flavour of French art three artworks were found on the internet and which are shown below. We again made A2 copies to put on the wall for people to also enjoy during the meal (see below) and before the toast  Lowri Lewis read out a poem, To Mr A, T. by Parisian 19th Century poet Alfred De Musset (poem also shown below).


NOTE: Painting Info to be added shortly.


Poem: To Mr A.T.

So, my dear friend, you will leave!

Farewell ; let the fools blame your madness.

Whatever the path, whatever the future,

The only guide in this world is the hand of a friend.


You leave me alone, I'm bored.

But whatever 
The hope to see you back

Will give me, despite the disgusts of life,

This child's courage of aging.

Sometimes only, near your mistress,

Remember a heart that proved its nobility

Better than the gold hawk with which my helmet is armed;


Who has you immediately and freely loved,

In the strength and the flower of the beautiful youth,

And who sleeps now forever closed.


 A M. A. T.

Ainsi, mon cher ami, vous allez donc partir !

Adieu ; laissez les sots blâmer votre folie.

Quel que soit le chemin, quel que soit l’avenir,

Le seul guide en ce monde est la main d’une amie.

Vous me laissez pourtant bien seul, moi qui m’ennuie.

Mais qu’importe ? L’espoir de vous voir revenir

Me donnera, malgré les dégoûts de la vie,

Ce courage d’enfant qui consiste à vieillir.

Quelquefois seulement, près de votre maîtresse,

Souvenez-vous d’un coeur qui prouva sa noblesse

Mieux que l’épervier d’or dont mon casque est armé ;

Qui vous a tout de suite et librement aimé,

Dans la force et la fleur de la belle jeunesse,

Et qui dort maintenant à tout jamais fermé.

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