Monthly Social Event

As part of Cardiff For Europe's campaign, each month we plan to do a social evening meal based on the cuisine of an EU country who are celebrating their National Day in that month. The evening's programme is based around

1. Welcome address.

2. Main Course of the EU country's national dish.

3. Dessert (again, a dessert from the EU country we're celebrating).

4. A toast to the people of the EU country we're celebrating.

The venue is Cardiff YHA in East Tyndall Street, about 15 to 20 minutes walk from Central Station.

For information the National Days of EU countries are:

Lithuania 16th February
Estonia 24th February
Bulgaria 3rd March
Hungary 15th March
Ireland 17th March
Greece 25th March
Cypress 1st April
Netherlands 27th April
Italy 2nd June
Denmark 5th June
Sweden 6th June
Portugal 10th June
Luxembourg 23rd June
Slovenia 25th June
Belgium 2nd July
France 15th July
Slovakia 1st September
Malta 21st September
Germany 3rd October
Croatia 8th October
Spain 12th October
Austria 27th October
Czech Republic 28th October
Poland 11th November -  !!!Next Event (celebration of Poland will take place in January)!!!
Latvia 18th November
Romania 1st December

Also, as no country has a National Day in August, then we plan to do a meal and social evening based around 'New Europeans' to celebrate the great positives that people from elsewhere in the world bring to Europe when they make the EU their home.

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