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European Movement

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Wales For Europe/Cymru Dros Ewrop

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Scientists For EU

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EU/UK Negotiations

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Some of the Brexit job losses so far are listed below:

According to the 'Brexit Job Losses' Facebook page total job losses up to 17th March 2020 442,478


‘Brexit is like...’ The Top 20 Twitter analogies

The Truth About 'All 'Em EU Rules'

Jim Grace says "There is a type of of brexiter who is motivated not by xenophobia, or Empire nostalgia, or buccaneering trade fantasies, but instead by "all them EU rules". Sadly they can never name a single one. So I have done some research..." Click on the picture below:

The Existential and Emotional Impact of Brexit

Professor Emmy van Deurzen writes on the impact of Brexit from a psychological perspective. To read the article Click Here

No Room On The Broom

Axel Scheffler, illustrator of The Gruffalo, received the inaugural Illustrator of the Year Award at the British Book Awards (otherwise known as the Nibbies), and delivered an impassioned speech on Britain’s place in Europe. To read his acceptance speech Click Here

Northern Ireland

The peace process in Northern Ireland has become one of the most important issues in the Brexit negotiations. If you're interested in understanding this from the perspective of someone whose family had to live without peace in Northern Ireland and what might be at stake, read Lila Haines moving blog Click Here

The Tragedy of Brexit: When Simple Ideas Meet Complex Reality

The Politics Means Politics website reports on how taking the simplifications of Brexiters and trying to turn them into the complex realities of policy represents a major failure of political leadership by the Prime Minister and her government. For Professor Chris Grey's article Click Here

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