About Cardiff For Europe

Cardiff for Europe is a grassroots, cross-party and no-party pro-European organisation made up of the people of Cardiff. Pro-Europeans from across Wales, the UK and the world are welcome to join us. 

Cardiff for Europe was formed in response to the Referendum in June 2016 by a group of citizens from Cardiff and the surrounding area who were concerned about the prospect of a future outside the European Union.

We believe that Wales and the United Kingdom are better off in the European Union and recognise the contribution that the European Union has made towards peace and prosperity. We believe the UK should play an active and progressive role in shaping the future of the EU.

We initiate campaigning activity in and around Cardiff and support other local, national and international campaigns.
Cardiff for Europe is affiliated to Wales for Europe, European Movement and Britain for Europe.

In March 2018, Cardiff for Europe and the Cardiff and Vale European Movement groups merged to create one unified voice for the pro-Remain and pro-European campaign in and around Cardiff.

Aims of Cardiff For Europe

* To maintain a strong pro-Remain voice in Cardiff.

* To campaign to maintain membership of the European Union.

* To provide a central point for pro-Remain and pro-European activity in Cardiff.

* To support and promote positive, constructive and informed dialogue about the European Union.

* To demonstrate the benefits of European Union membership to the people of Cardiff, Wales and the UK and to promote a positive pro-European message.


TO SIGN THE PETITION, CLICK HERE https://www.peoples-vote.uk/petition  

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