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So far Brexit is estimated to have cost:


For further details see https://costofbrexit.netlify.com/

Cardiff for Europe is a grassroots, cross-party and no-party pro-European organisation made up of the people of Cardiff. Pro-Europeans from across Wales, the UK and the world are welcome to join us. 

Cardiff for Europe was formed in response to the Referendum in June 2016 by a group of citizens from Cardiff and the surrounding area who were concerned about the prospect of a future outside the European Union.

We believe that Wales and the United Kingdom are better off in the European Union and recognise the contribution that the European Union has made towards peace and prosperity. We believe the UK should play an active and progressive role in shaping the future of the EU.

We initiate campaigning activity in and around Cardiff and support other local, national and international campaigns.

Cardiff for Europe is affiliated to Wales for Europe, European Movement and Britain for Europe.

In March 2018, Cardiff for Europe and the Cardiff and Vale European Movement groups merged to create one unified voice for the pro-Remain and pro-European campaign in and around Cardiff.

Aims of Cardiff For Europe

* To maintain a strong pro-Remain voice in Cardiff.

* To campaign to maintain membership of the European Union.

* To provide a central point for pro-Remain and pro-European activity in Cardiff.

* To support and promote positive, constructive and informed dialogue about the European Union.

* To demonstrate the benefits of European Union membership to the people of Cardiff, Wales and the UK and to promote a positive pro-European message.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Cardiff for Europe Welcomes a New Chair

After three years, I’ll be stepping down as Chair of Cardiff for Europe. I’m really pleased to be handing over to Neil Schofield-Hughes, who I know will be a great person to steer our ship as we move into the next phase of our campaign.I won’t be going too far, and will be taking on the role of Chair of Wales for Europe whilst we develop plans for the next stage of our campaign. Geraint Talfan Davies is stepping back from that role after many years of committed and energetic service to our cause. I’m sure you’ll join me in thanking him on behalf of all Europeans in Wales.

To read a statement from Neil and myself Click Here. I’ve also posted an album of some memories from the last three years - we’ve come a long way and done much together, and I know that work will continue.

Diolch o galon i chi gyd,



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Petition to Bring the EU's 2012 Nobel Peace Prize to the UK & Celebrate Peace

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Prominent Supporters So Far:

Will Hutton - Observer Journalist, author and Principal of Hertford College, Oxford University

Anna McMorrin MP
(Cardiff North - Labour)
Delyth Jewell AM (South Wales (East) - Plaid Cymru)
Councillor Dan De'Ath (Lord Mayor, Cardiff Council - Labour)
Councillor Phil Bale (Former Leader, Cardiff Council - Labour)
Councillor Joe Boyle (Cardiff Council - Leader, Liberal Democrat)
Councillor Emma Sandrey (Cardiff Council - Liberal Democrat)
Anthony Slaughter (Leader - Wales Green Party)
Jill Evans MEP ( Wales - Plaid Cymru)

!!!Petition Update!!!

We've had some bad news!

Until 22nd November plans for our Cardiff For Europe Peace Exhibition, using a replica of the EU's 2012 Nobel Peace Prize as a centrepiece, were progressing extremely well. The Museum of Cardiff had agreed to host our small exhibition and the Museum of European History had agreed to send the NPP to the Museum of Cardiff. Also all the legal agreements were being drawn up. But we've now had some disappointing news on two fronts:

Cardiff Council 

An issue has unfortunately come up so it looks like we can no longer have our Peace Exhibition hosted on any Cardiff Council property. 

The Head of Culture at Cardiff Council had initially put us in contact with the Museum of Cardiff advising they would host our exhibition. The Museum of Cardiff  and Cardiff Councillors have all been  terrific in the support they've given us in preparing the exhibition. However the Head of Culture has reviewed our exhibition proposals and, even though we've advised we'll adapt the information in any way to suit her concerns, she has said we can't have the exhibition on any Cardiff Council property as she believes (along with Cardiff Council lawyers) that Cardiff For Europe is too political and goes against Section 2 of the Local Government 1986 Act.  

Nobel Institiute

The House of European History in Brussels, has also been extremely helpful in our discussions about the loan. Unfortunately they now advise that, having asked the Nobel Institute, the NI have denied permission for them to lend the objects to any third parties. They are now only entitled to lending them to EU institutions or EU agencies.


This is both shocking and surprising that the Nobel Institute would prevent the spread of knowledge and education about European peace in this way. It's extremely disappointing that Cardiff For Europe have put a lot of effort into preparing for the exhibition to begin on the 11th January and have now had to cancel this exhibition at short notice.

As part of the display we’d been preparing a short film of people saying ‘Peace’ in all the languages within the EU. To see a clip of the Peace Film Click Here   Despite the loss of the exhibition we will complete the film for inclusion in a future event.

If you can speak any of the other EU languages and would like to help us then please do send us either a ‘selfie’ clip saying the word ‘Peace’ in that language or you could get a group of people to say it. 

Any film should be emailed to Cardiff.for.europe2019@gmail.com.

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